Offensive Lineman (Center)

Senior Captain Mack Grey, starting Center for St. Joseph's Prep Varsity Football, is thrilled to begin his senior season! Coming off a powerful win over Oaks Christian Academy, Mack and his teammates are ready to take on the challenges for the rest of this 2016 season. From the early years of Conestoga Generals Flag Football, to LAFA in West Chester, to the brotherhood of St. Patrick's CYO (shout out to all his fellow St. Pat's brothers on this Prep team!), even surviving the unique coaching style of Coach Fran Grey, to these last 3 years of Prep Football, the journey has been awesome and life lessons many! Mack is proud to help lead his team to victory after victory this season - one game at a time.

He is grateful to all his fellow O-Line, Coach Gabe Infante, all the coaching staff, and in particular, Offensive Coach Tom Sugden. FINISH!