About the Prep Victory Club:

The Victory Club is a unique designation for the supporters of Prep Football.  Many fans, families and alumni of Prep Football have contributed with time and efforts to improve the viability of the program.  Others who do not have the time to devote to the football program had no way to connect with the program. 

Until now.

The Prep Football Alumni Association now broadcasts LIVE and recorded version of each game as well as posts highlights of each game via the PrepFootball.org website.  This was undertaken as a means to reach out to the Prep's extended community to allow them to passively participate in the Prep Football Program.

The Victory Club now provides a means for active participation.  For those who do not have the time or capability to devote time to help with the Prep Football Program, you will be supporting the Football Program with needed funds for better equipment, better testing, greater capabilities for college recruting and to further the tradition of Prep Football.

We hope that you will participate in the Prep Football Program in whatever means available to you.  Either by attending the games, viewing the games via LIVE Streaming, donating your time and talents to the Prep Football Alumni Association, and/or by joining the Victory Club to show your support of the great tradition of Prep Football.

We are currently accepting initial entries into the Victory Club and those members will be recognized at each venue for the Prep Football Program - this site, game broadcasts, football games, Hawk Huddle, etc.


Join the Prep Victory Club now!